3D Random Bin Picking
3D Random Bin Picking
——3D visual positioning guide robot automatic loading and unloading system, one-stop Bin Picking solution
1. Flexibility: a small amount of modification, easily docking with existing production lines
2. Intelligence: a variety of recognition and positioning algorithms; grasp planning with optimal location; motion planning with optimal route
3. Stable: Support 24 hours uninterrupted work
4. Cost-effective: competitive price system; complete solution; perfect after-sales service

BinPicker 3D (Bin-Picking software)

  • Plug and play, modular, flow configuration, simple operation

  • Built-in intelligent recognition, collision detection, and motion planning algorithms

  • One-click hand-eye calibration, providing multiple grasping strategies

  • Compatible with independent research and development and mainstream 3D cameras at home and abroad

  • Adapt to various mainstream robots at home and abroad 

Large workpiece solution

  • Beat 8-20S

  • Support multiple machine tool loading

  • Provide secondary positioning program

Small and medium workpiece solutions

  • Beat 6-10S

  • Institutional compatibility is high, support quick type change

  • Provide blanking solutions

Eye on hand solution

  • Miniaturization, high precision

  • Eyes on hand, suitable for working in small spaces

  • Suitable for various application scenarios such as assembly, grabbing, inspection, etc.